Supper Break

Supper Break was created by Robert Mills, Cameron Williams, Brady Lux, and Parker Gondella after meeting & playing together in the Warren Wilson College Bluegrass Band. The band also regularly features special guests/friends from Asheville's deeply-rooted Bluegrass scene. Supper Break prides itself on maintaining the traditions and integrity of Bluegrass music while adding their personal influences and style to the tunes. Pull up a chair or kick off your shoes, it's time to feed your heart & soul with Supper Break!

Brandon Johnson & Scott Owenby

Brandon Johnson & Scott Owenby started playing together as the Relics in Rhiannon and the Relics. Brandon plays mandolin and fiddle and Scott plays guitar. Both sing, occasionally in harmony. They enjoy good, traditional music and the fine mountain air. They'll be featuring almost-three-year-old Carlisle who will be making his performing debut!


The Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) program teaches traditional music and dance to school aged children in Madison County. Students learn fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin and clogging. The program has produced two stringbands that perform throughout the county. Students also participate weekly in group singing. The program is especially important in Madison County as we boast a strong heritage in traditional music and dance.

Roger Howell

Roger Howell grew up on Banjo Branch in Mars Hill. He excels on the fiddle as well as the banjo and guitar. Roger’s wonderful musical skill and his phenomenal memory have allowed him to record over 650 fiddle tunes for his collection in the Southern Appalachian Archives at Mars Hill University. His sense of a personal mission to carry the stories of the tunes and the people who played them forward to the next generation is admirable. He is a rare example of someone who has done so much toward the goal of keeping this music alive and sharing knowledge about it so widely.

Honeyfolk Jam

Every Sunday @ 5PM

950 Bailey Street Mars Hill

Lillian CHase

Lillian Chase is a 15-year old old-time and bluegrass fiddler and ballad singer who has played at Merlefest and Song of the Mountains. The 6th generation native of WNC found the fiddle at the age of 6, and has an interest in the regional old-time music that goes with our mountain history. She is joined by her 13-year-old sister, Sara Nell Chase, on bass, and Cyrus Garretson on banjo, as well as Sabine Endries.

Rhiannon Ramsey

Rhiannon Ramsey began performing with a band when she was 9. She currently plays with her band, Rhiannon and the Relics, and the Stoney Creek Boys, house band for Shindig on the Green. She plays a fiddle style from the mountains of western North Carolina and was mentored by legendary Madison County fiddler Arvil Freeman.

Carolina Chickpeas

Bailee Brandon & Jerry Sutton

Bailee is a 14 year old fiddle player who enjoys both playing and singing. She plays piano and is a part of a youth symphony group and a youth choir in Asheville. Bailee has played at the Lunsford Festival as well as Shindig on the Green and other events. She is happy to be playing with her granddad Jerry on guitar.

Chickweed & the Stinging nettles

"Chickweed and the Stinging Nettles" have been rocking the old time scene in Asheville for a little over a year, and are honored to do their small part in keeping Appalachian music and dance traditions vibrant and alive in today's world. Members hail from Tennessee, Ohio, and New York originally, but feel fortunate to have settled in these mountains we all love and now call home.

Adah & Chloe Morton

Adah Morton, age 14, music lover of many styles, has played fiddle and violin since the age of 6 1/2 years old. She plays trumpet in the marching band. Chloe Morton, age 12, has also played fiddle and violin since the age of 6 1/2 years old. Chloe loves playing oboe in the beginning 6th grade band at her school.

More Bios Coming soon!