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As part of our 100th year we are announcing a giving campaign. Please consider donating Allis Elementary School Fund. You can use the Foundation for Madison Public School's Page and note: 100th Year of Giving Campaign.

2017 marks Frank Allis Elementary's 100th year! Located on Madison’s far east side, Frank Allis’ dedicated staff endearingly call our school "The Palace." Collectively we all work toward improving student outcomes. As the principal of our thriving school I am committed to hearing from our community. Please take a moment to complete this quick survey and let me know how we are doing!

If you are interested in serving on our 100th Year Committee. Sign-up here.

This year our strong teacher teams are continuing to deepen our aligned curriculum, resulting in exponential increases in student achievement. Come and visit us to hear Wildcat Scholars celebrating their successes. Our hopes and dreams are centered on the goals we are working to achieve.

Frank Allis is committed to developing and sustaining a school environment which encourages individuality and responsibility, celebrates diversity, fosters a desire to learn, and supports every community member to discover and strengthen their skills, talents, and abilities so that each is prepared to be a productive participant in our changing global society.

My Leadership Vision

Collectively we believe that each day we can make a difference by earning the right to have high expectations. We believe that all students can be successful when we honor and affirm each student’s gifts in order to foster our welcoming, inclusive and responsive community.

Strengths and Areas of Growth

I believe Frank Allis' greatest strength is the diversity, talents and commitment of our collective community, including staff, students and families. I also see this as an area for growth. I am hoping as a leader in our community I can strengthen the partnerships we have with families, businesses and our surrounding community. Building on our forward trajectory, student achievement will continue to grow. Teacher teams will develop learning partnerships with students as they review, reflect and adjust their 5/10 day reading plans. .

Below are the core beliefs

that ground my leadership work.

  • Equitable Classrooms at the Center
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Collective Responsibility for Data Focused Results

Sara R. Cutler is the Interim Principal at Frank Allis Elementary. She was the Assistant Principal at Frank Allis Elementary School from 2014-2017. She received her undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Philosophy. In December 2016, she completed her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, through the Executive PhD cohort program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Early in her career she worked as a bilingual teacher in California and as a content specialist for the Department of Education in New York State. Sara has been an elementary classroom teacher, instructional coach, content specialist, curriculum developer and a school-wide facilitator. Sara is committed to developing a school culture that is relentlessly focused on the achievement of all students with a focus on equitable outcomes where all children believe they can succeed in becoming college, career and community ready.