Classroom Management & Student Engagement

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Accountable Talk: Resources to Support Language in Group/Collaborative Settings

Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes -- Staff Power Point from 2016-17

DD -- Pathways to Self Control

All behavior correction must follow the 3Rs... Respectful Relevant Realistic

DD - Redirecting Tools

  • Redirecting Language -->
  • Nonverbal Clues
  • Loss of Privilege
  • Fix it on the Spot
  • Take a Break
  • (Take a Break Out & Back)

DD - Redirecting Language

  • Direct, clear, calm
  • Don’t be judgmental
  • Describe what needs to be done (be the mirror)
  • Use a command, not a question
  • Keep “I” out of it


Memorial's Focus Areas:

    • Relationships and Collaboration
    • Sense of Belonging
    • Culturally Responsive Teaching

Mathematics --

Math: Create a Task


Illustrative Mathematics:


Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Math Tasks