LMC = Library + Makerspace + Classroom

Welcome! LMC usually stands for Library Media Center, an apt name for a school library. Here at Huegel, it truly is the center of the school in more ways than one. But a name change was in order because, like all school libraries, we have continued to evolve. Our newly remodeled LMC (aka Library Makerspace Classroom) includes many flexible learning spaces along with the traditional library book shelving. The makerspace provides opportunities for student to design and create things with their hands. The classroom (or "campfire") is equipped with a large screen monitor and child-sized chairs and tables with wheels. The "reading cave" features fun upholstered seating in a semi-secluded nook. There are also small groups tables, collaboration stations with large monitors, and a comfortable seating area for reading and discussion.

Bottom line: the LMC is designed to accommodate all types of learning and teaching. And all are welcome to enjoy, learn, explore, create, and bravely try new things.