Directions to Adtran (East Tower):

901 Explorer Blvd NW,

Huntsville, AL

  • Travel to Research Park Blvd. (from either I-565 or other roads/streets)
  • Take the Bradford West Exit
  • Go straight across Explorer Blvd. at the traffic light
  • Take the first left after you enter Adtran campus
  • Go through the next intersection (stop sign) (if you look right you will see the loading dock)
  • After you pass the loading dock turn right into a large parking lot
  • Drive toward the far end of the parking lot (a body of water is at end of parking lot) and you will see the entrance to the building on the right
  • Once you enter the building, there will be a security guard desk - go up the stairs to the right (if you need elevator, please ask the security guard for directions on how to find the elevator)

NOTE: If you use Google for directions, those directions will take you to the wrong building. You can ask the receptionist at the wrong building for directions to the East Tower.