Day 2 (Conference)

September 18 - CONFERENCE

On-site registration and check-in is from 7:00 - 8:45am. Valid payment forms on-site are by credit card, check or copy of valid purchase order.

The full day conference is from 8:45am - 3:30pm.

**Sessions are Subject to Change.

Keynote Speaker Eric Curts will start off the morning at 8:45 until 9:45 am with "The Bionic Educator"

Session 1, 10:00 - 11:05 am

  • Adventures in Digital Grading | Presenter: Shana Ramin
  • Digital Flipbook Storytelling with Google Slides | Presenter: Jeremy Badiner
  • Google Classroom OUTSIDE of the Classroom | Presenter: Jill Hill
  • KEEP Track. KEEP Organized. KEEP Sane. It's time you met Google KEEP! | Presenter: Lissa Brunan
  • Hipster Google - Tools You Probably Never Heard of | Presenter: Eric Curts
  • Managing the Digital Classroom with GoGuardian |Presenter: Cody Thomson
  • Taking Students Deeper into Curriculum with Google Tour Builder| Presenter: Rosheen Hunter
  • Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Sheets? Google Sheets That Is | Presenter: Mary Hankins
  • www...Getting Started w/GoogleSITES| Presenter: Patrick Gregory

Session 2, 11:15 am - 12:20 pm

  • Choice Eliminator 2: Life is About Making Choices. Choose Wisely. | Presenter: Alissa Thelen
  • "Core" Extensions - The Must Haves! | Presenter: Tammy Maginity
  • Efficiency in Short Answer and Essay Scoring and Feedback | Presenter: Sarah Ross-Koves
  • Enhance Learning with the “New” Google Classroom | Presenter: Karen Chichester
  • Engage, Enhance and Extend with Google - Triple E Framework and G Suite for Effective Tech Integration | Presenter: Mike Petty
  • Fostering Innovation in your Schools|Presenter: Curtiss Strietelmeier
  • Map That: Using Google My Maps and the new Google Earth in the Classroom | Presenter: Rachelle Galang
  • Unlock the Super Powers of Google Slides | Presenter: Jeremy Badiner
  • The Geography Connection - using Google Maps with Spreadsheet Data | Presenter: Melinda Waffle

Lunch, 12:25 - 1:00pm

Session 3, 1:10 - 2:15pm

  • Google Docs & Drive: Tips & Tricks You May Not Know | Presenter: Nicole Cinader
  • Google Photos will make you say "Cheese" | Presenter: Tammy Maginity
  • Google Toolbox for Elementary | Presenter: Mary Hankins
  • Hacking Google Slides - Creative Non-Slideshow Uses of Google Slides | Presenter: Daniel Mares
  • How Flippity Changed My Life: Based on a True Story | Presenter: Lissa Brunan
  • How to Flip with G.Suite! | Presenter: Adrianne Rose
  • Providing a Paddle for Sheets Creek | Presenter: Michael Tiesworth
  • Share Your Journey and Bring History Alive with Google's New App, Tour Builder! | Presenter: Patrick Gregory
  • Working Smarter with GoGuardian|Presenter: Cody Thomson

Session 4, 2:25 - 3:30pm

  • Build Websites in Class with Google Sites! | Presenter: Daniel Mares
  • Creating Recorded Presentations Using Google Slides and Screencastify | Presenter: Mike Petty
  • Google Honeymoon: My First Year with Chromebooks and GAFE. | Presenter: Daniel Morrison
  • Google Toolbox for Elementary | Presenter: Mary Hankins
  • How to Mimic Flip grid using G-Suite Tools | Presenter: Rachelle Galang
  • How to Use Google Forms and Google Sheets | Presenter: Ron Madison
  • Personalized Learning? LMGTFY. | Presenter: Emily Sicillia
  • They Should call it Google CREATE | Presenter: Amy Hermon

Giveaways, 3:30pm

  • Presenter: TBA