December 26, 2018 to December 28, 2018

Was a awesome test run, cold, snowy and very problem some, but that's why we made it a close round trip and didn't take off to the coast. Gonna work some kinks out of the Expedition Camper. Really gonna focus on insulation I think I cut some corners that I am going to go and revisit. We had a blast and Trinidad, Colorado seems like it has earned its spot on our stop list anytime we go to Colorado now.

Got some snow on the road!

We are spending the night in Clayton, NM tonight. Got snowed in the whole town is without electricity and the winds blowing the snow in like a bliz


She really didn't care to much for the snow. But she loved the dog park. Gotta find her some snow boots and a dog coat next time.

Gas Station, haha just kidding

I was walking down main St in Trinidad. Thought I'd go in to this cool little gas station and get a monster. Just kidding, its a dispensary. This little ol miner town sure had some sights, and plenty of places to get smoke lol.


I'm a train nut so we looked at this train probably longer than most people do. Lilly and I went all over Trinidad. It was a neat town to visit if you are ever headed thru Colorado.