Expedition TX


This is my blog of all the adventures and events that my pack and I go thru. It will be boring at times but I promise to post lots of excitement and our enjoyment. Colt is the big Texas Heeler, Lilly is the small Blue Heeler, and I, Rooster, am there human. We are planning to start exploring big time in 2019 s0 hold on to your biscuits. We are cruising around in our custom 2006 Ford Expedition that I have spent sometime converting to a camper SUV. It's been fun just building it and figuring how to save space but make things work. If you have any questions feel free to email me: justin@m0nst3r.com or hit me up on instagram: @expeditiontx



Short Fun Trip

December 26, 2018 thru December 28, 2018