LPS Evaluation Resources

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Digital Tools for Evaluation in Lynnfield

Welcome to the Lynnfield Public Schools Educator Evaluation Resource page. Our district utilizes two platforms for evaluation:

  1. Google Drive - for storing and sharing SMART Goals and evidence with administrators via our individual Evidence Grids. Teachers use the "link sharing" feature in Drive to make files and folders accessible to evaluators without the need for sharing those items individually.
  2. Teachpoint - for evaluators to document walk-throughs, formative and summative evaluations

New to Lynnfield Public Schools? Take a look at this Evaluation Slide Show for New Teachers to better understand what to expect your first year in the district.

Printable Evaluation Rubrics & Artifact Ideas

Below are printable condensed versions of the evaluation rubrics which can be helpful to have on hand to determine which specific standards your evidence falls under.

Educator Evaluation Timelines 20-21

  • Click HERE to access video tutorials and printable instructions for adding different types of evidence to your evidence grid

Support for the Evaluation Process

This site provides you with detailed instructional videos and links to resources to assist Lynnfield educators throughout the evaluation process. Check with your evaluator if you have questions about your evaluation plan. For questions regarding the digital collection and sharing of evidence, contact Stephanie Hoban or Sarah Perkins.

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