Lynnfield Community Schools

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Address: 275 Essex St. Lynnfield, MA 01940

Preschool Sports January 2019.pdf
SSS Winter Artworks 219.pdf
Sports Zone101 Spring For Kindergarten.pdf
Alice's Table Mothers Day 2019.pdf
James & the Giant Peach Jr. 2019.pdf
Spring Yoga HHS 2019.pdf
Spring Yoga SSS 2019.pdf
Preschool Program April 2019.pdf
Preschool Program March 2019.pdf
February Vacation Camps 2019.pdf
Fun Family Friday, Feb. 8th, Pam Shapleigh.pdf
Half Day Sports of Sorts Feb. - May 2019.pdf
Half Day Weds. Girls Empowerment 2019.pdf
HHS Winter Artworks 2019.pdf
SAT PREP 2019.pdf

Welcome to Community Schools!

Welcome to the Lynnfield Community Schools web site. Lynnfield Community Schools offers programs for before school and after school care as well as many fun activities throughout the year. Our fun summer programs are always a hit! Visit here often for up to date information on our many programs.

Lynnfield Community Schools, 275 Essex Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940 Phone: 781-334-5814 Email:

Wild Sports on Half Days 2018 - 2019.pdf
Winter Artworks LMS 2019.pdf
Preschool Yoga March 1, 2019.pdf