Lyft Flexdrive


What's Included

2019 Chevrolet Bolt


Preventative Maintenance

Free Charging

Basic Requirements

We'll automatically renew your rental every 7 days as long as the requirements are met.

  1. 7 day rental commitment
  2. Pay the weekly rental cost of $249/week plus taxes and fees
  3. Give a minimum 20 rides every week

*Driving for other rideshare or commercial use is prohibited

Our billing cycle runs every 7 days: 5am Monday to 4:59am Monday. Payments are initiated on Tuesday of each week.

Weekly rental fee, and taxes are deducted from your weekly earnings. If your earnings don't cover the weekly rental fee we'll charge the credit/debit card on your account

Need money right away? Our Express Pay feature lets you cash out instantly, once you’ve covered your rental costs.

Once you’ve covered your rental, you’ll see Express Pay unlocked in your Earnings tab. Simply tap ‘Get Paid’ to cash out instantly.

Rentals Rewards

The Rental Rewards week goes from Monday at 5 AM through to the next Monday at 4:59 AM, so you always have a full 7 days to reach your requirements.

There are three tiers in the Rental Rewards program. Each week, you’ll have a new opportunity to reach the tier you want.

Each tier requires a different level of commitment, so with each tier, the amount of rides you have to give increases. But so does your bonus.

*If you were previously driving your own vehicle for Lyft, you may still have Weekly Ride Challenge for the first week or 2 of your rental.*

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is free as part of the program. You are responsible for taking your car into approved Chevy dealerships for maintenance. Call ARI to get a list of approved dealerships 833-274-5938

*Please note: Glass and Tire damage are your responsibility and will be paid out of pocket.*


You must return the vehicle to the CarMax Renton, WA facility. Weekend returns will be processed the following business day.

  • Charged Up
  • Clean
  • Lyft supplies and documents in the vehicle


Any damage or accident must be reported to Lyft

  • Open the Lyft app. Click 'Help'. Then click 'Report an Accident'.

Emergency Roadside

For Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Call ARI at (833) 274-5938, there will be 2 prompts that will distinguish the type of roadside assistance. The first prompt is for accidents. The second prompt is for roadside assistance.

All drivers are allowed to drop off at SeaTac Airport. Drivers are not able to pick up until they have both a TNC decal and For-Hire Permit.

Lyft will apply for your FHP on your behalf.

Expect an email from Lyft letting you know

when it's ready to be picked up about

one month after you start driving.

Electric Vehicle FAQs, Tips & Tricks

The 2019 Chevy Bolt has an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles on a full charge. Actual range may vary and depends on a variety of factors including temperature, terrain, and driving style.

Charging Your Vehicle

  1. Use the Plugshare app, or other third party app, to find the closest charging station.
  2. Drive to the station and plug in the charging cord. To use a DC Fast Charging Plug, first flip down the orange cap on the charger intake plug.
  3. Use the RFID card to start the session. Stations are clearly labeled EVgo or ChargePoint, make sure you use the correct RFID card to begin the charging session.
  4. Never remove the charging cord during a session. If you need to leave, end the session before removing the plug.
  5. Any issues with the charging station? Call the number on the back of the network RFID card for the station you are using.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Total range is highest when you accelerate slowly.
  2. Heat/AC/defroster consume additional energy - monitor your usage.
  3. Battery range is highest traveling at 50mph or below.
  4. Look out for charging locations when you fall below 20% charge level or have free time to grab a quick charge
  5. Charging may take over an hour, so be sure to plan your time accordingly.
  6. DC Fast Charging is fastest between 0% and 60% state of charge. DC Fast Charging between 80% and 100% state of charge is very slow
  7. Once your battery reaches 80%, it is good etiquette to end your session if another driver is waiting to charge.


We're open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Lyft Number (text only): 206-309-7880