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If you missed the deadline, don't worry. Now yearbooks can be ordered after the school's deadline. When you actually place the order will determine where the book will be shipped. All after deadline orders placed up to one week before the school's delivery date will be shipped to the school. All after deadline orders placed after that will be shipped to your home. When you place the after deadline order you will either see the message that the book will be shipped to the school or you will be prompted to enter your shipping address knowing then that the book will be shipped to your home. You will pay for shipping on all orders you place after the deadline.


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369 trees and counting!


Hello Lydiksen Families!

This year, we are very excited to announce we will be working with TreeRing for Lydiksen Elementary’s annual yearbook!

TreeRing creates high quality, high value yearbooks and provides many unique benefits:

    • Custom Yearbooks: Your student can get a one of a kind printed copy containing two FREE pages to personalize with just your photos.
    • Green Yearbooks: TreeRing plants a tree in our school’s name for every yearbook purchased and prints on recycled paper.
    • Beautiful High Quality Yearbooks: All yearbooks are gorgeously printed in full color using the highest end print production available.
    • ZERO waste. Only yearbooks ordered will be printed! No surplus yearbooks or wasted paper and production.

Do you want your student to be in the Yearbook?

The best way to make sure your student is well represented in the yearbook is by sharing your school photos with us. TreeRing makes it easy. Just upload pictures straight from your phone or computer to our TreeRing account. You can also use the free TreeRing mobile app to upload photos, customize and buy your yearbook.

Remember to upload to our school Shared Folders if you'd like to contribute photographs to the yearbook. And don’t forget to tag your photos with their class teacher's name and/or a school activity/event!

It’s all set up for you and super easy.

If you’d like to join our Yearbook Team, we’d love to have you! We need help taking photos at school events and creating yearbook pages. Click HERE to volunteer for photographers and page designers.

Questions? Contact the Yearbook Team at yearbook@lydiksenpfc.org.

Thank you!

Meeta Sinha, Gen Lengefeld and Holly Crane

How to Submit Photos for the Yearbook

1. Make a TreeRing account and upload photos directly from your phone/computer/Google Drive/Dropbox/Facebook/Flickr/Instagram. TreeRing's free mobile app allows you to share photos easily.

2. Select share with school option and save them to the "Shared Folders".

(Pictures saved in "My Photos" are only visible to you and are meant to be used in your personal pages. They are not visible to Yearbook staff and cannot be used in the yearbook.)

3. Select class teacher/activity/event! For us to be able to find them and use them in the yearbook, you must tag your photos with their class teacher and/or a school activity/event from the drop down folder list. For pictures with multiple students, please at least select a grade and/or a school activity/event so we can put them on the right page!

How to Tag Photos to Share in the Yearbook

1. As you upload your photo, please select "Yes, i want to share" to take you to the folder (tagging) options.

2. Select the folder where the photo should be uploaded and select Add Photo.

*Please select the teacher and/or school activity/event from the given shared folders list.

*If you have multiple students in the photo from different classes, or you cannot identify the students in your picture, please select an appropriate collage or event page. For instance, First Grade Collage/Ice Cream Social/Halloween.

3. After adding photo, you can then tag your student name and add a caption etc. if you like. Select minimize when you are done.

*If you forget, you can also add your student's name by going back to the folder after uploading.

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