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14 Day Travel Studies Class 2018

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Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

Visiting the sites where the stories of the Bible happened is one of the most spiritually significant experiences a person can have. It enriches one’s understanding of the world and himself. During the summer of 2018, the Lake Worth Christian School Travel Studies Program will be offering such a program studying the Bible and Middle Eastern Culture in Israel. This Travel Studies Program is similar to the highly successful trips to Israel coordinated by Mr. Welton and the Travel Studies Committee in the past. This will be the 44th Travel Studies program conducted by LWCS. The tour is offered for high school honors credit and will provide our students with tremendous learning opportunities. If you are interested in applying, fill out the application in this packet and return it to Gary Welton. More details of the tour are included below.


Gary Welton (561-586-8216 school, 561-891-1084 home,

Tour sponsorship:

Gary Welton and the LWCS Travel Studies Committee.

Class Credit:

The tour is part of a high school class and receives honors credit. Attendance at classes is required of all participants. All travelers are to complete required assignments before, during, and after the tour.

Student Tour Cost:

$3990.00 – including air fare, ground transportation to sites, guides, sight seeing, hotels, breakfasts and dinners, and guide tips. The price includes an estimate of fuel surcharge and airline taxes at current levels. If these change, costs will be adjusted. Cost is based on 20 travelers. Our tours are chaperoned by LWCS school staff, using a ratio of 1 adult to approximately 6 students. There will be both male and female chaperones.


Travelers need a passport which is good for at least six months after June 11. Mr. Welton can help with the application process. Students who are not US citizens are welcome to apply, but need to be sure all documents are in order for re-entry into the USA.

Safety Concerns:

Israel is a safe destination. US citizens are treated with respect and friendliness. Each year over 3 million tourists visit Israel with very few issues. As with all of our travel programs, we will have national guides with us throughout the tour. These guides are invaluable in insuring the safety of our students. Our states-side agency has years of experience guiding tours in Israel and has offices in Jerusalem. Our guides will be highly educated and experts in handling tours safely. Our students will be with their guides and chaperones throughout the tour.


We will be traveling to Israel during the dry season. Expect temperatures between the 60's and 90's. It may be warmer during the afternoon at the Dead Sea.

Applications are due:

Wednesday, November 8

Payment Schedule:

*Deposit: $600.00 Due: upon acceptance (non-refundable)

*Payment: $1130.00 December 12 (Tuesday)

*Payment: $1130.00 January 16 (Tuesday)

*Payment: $1130.00 February 13 (Tuesday)

*Any additional costs based on changes in fees, rates of exchange, group size, taxes, etc. (Due approximately March 13)

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