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Friday, 10/14

5:55 PM

ACS has is in HEAVY traffic. Their ETA is now 6:45-7:00 PM.

4:45 PM

ACS has hit some traffic. Their ETA is 6:25 PM.

2:50 PM

AEW's anticipated arrival is 3:45 PM.

ACS is on the road after their lunch stop. Their ETA is 6:00 PM.

12:00 PM

ACS is now on the road. Anticipated arrival at school is 6:30 - 7:00 PM. Please stay tuned for updates.

AEW just finished lunch and loading the buses for home. Waze says arrival at 3:45 PM Please stay tuned for updates.

8:45 AM

AEW has departed Curry Village and will arrive at our lunch stop in Fresno around 11:45 AM.

ACS will depart Curry Village at 10:00 and should arrive at our lunch stop at 1:00 PM.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, 10/13

9:50 PM

The chaperones just said good night to 85 very happy and tired students! They has a great day on trail today. The last groups completed their Challenge Hike. Some of our campers hiked to Lower Yosemite Falls and some make it to Clarks Point past Vernal Falls. Some groups painted with watercolors, sketched their views and completed solo walks in meadow. Our students said goodbye to their NatureBridge educators that they came to love. Many of the groups wrote thank you notes to them and others created songs to perform using all the knowledge they were taught this week. Tonight we had a campfire where we sang, told stories and said more good-byes.

Tomorrow we will eat breakfast at camp, lunch in Fresno and will be back at school in the late afternoon.

AEW is departing Curry Village at 8:30 AM and is expected to be back at campus at 4:30 PM. (Ms. Miller is driving the van and will only be able to update the blog at breakfast and at the lunch stop in Fresno.)

ACS is departing Curry Village at 10:00 AM and is expected back at campus at 6:00 PM.

Please stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for updates. Fingers crossed for no traffic!

10:30 AM

Good morning families! We have the last of our learning groups going on their challenge hike today. The forecast for today is a high of 84 and a low of 52! We could not have asked for better weather! Although I think the kids are bummed out because it didn't snow. The rest of our groups plan on walking along the Merced River, watch mountain climbers at El Capitan, learn about the devastating fires that have affected Yosemite in the past. The students are tired, but excited for the last day on trail.

Wednesday, 10/12

9:45 PM

Can you believe that our little campers were asleep by 9:30 tonight???? The Challenge Hikers pushed themselves today and it paid off with some amazing views! The camp has been abuzz with all that they have been learning on trail about the valley and their fellow group members. Everyday our students have been journaling. Ask them to share with you what they have been writing and drawing all week. Students have been visiting the store, so look out for some new Yosemite apparel on Friday. Tonight's evening program was all about bats. Who knew there were 9 different varieties that live in Yosemite National Park? Tomorrow the other group will push themselves on their Challenge Hike while others visit different parts of the valley.

9:45 AM

Last night was everyone's best night sleep yet! After two full days on trail the students fell asleep early and felt (mostly) well rested at breakfast this morning. About half of our learning groups are completing their challenge hike today at Lower Yosemite Falls. I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all their stories from trail today! The other half of our groups will explore some more spots in Yosemite Valley. More groups will stop at the Merced River and skip rocks, view the wildlife and complete the Watersheds experiment. The weather has been amazing --- high 70s/low 80s. Nights are so comfortable hovering around 50 degrees.

Tuesday, 10/11

10:20 PM

Students had a great day on trail today! Many groups visited some of the spots I mentioned yesterday that they didn't already see. Students participated in a field lab experiment called Watersheds where they took water samples from the Merced River and investigated what organisms were in the water. They looked up in field books to discover what the organisms were and if they were helpful or harmful. Most learning groups hiked around 4-6 miles on trail with stops for lunch, team building activities and journaling.

Our night activity was in the auditorium at the Visitor Center. The recreated the myths and legends of how Yosemite came to be. For example, one group reacted the myth of how racoons got their tail. You can see some photos and videos in our picture folder.

Tomorrow many of our groups will complete their challenge hike. Stay tuned for more updates! Have a great evening.

8:30 AM

We mostly had a restful sleep last night. Three more school groups arrived in camp so it was a bit noisier than the night before. We just got back from breakfast and are getting ready for another full day on trail. Learning groups will visit some of the other spots from yesterday that they didn't get to yesterday. Challenge Hikes will be held on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the NatureBridge educators schedule.

All students have been drinking plenty of water and eating well balanced meals (with lots of snacks on trail and in camp). Their goal is to drink 3-4 liters of water a day. Most students are meeting that goal and are trying to drink more. We even had a handful of students use the "facilitrees" yesterday!

Stay tuned for an update later this evening!

Monday, 10/10

10:10 PM

Our students had a successful first day on trail! (We can tell because they have been fast asleep for awhile.) The learning groups visited various places such as Split Rock, Bear Cave, Native American Museum at the Visitor Center, the base of Vernal Falls, and Mirror Lake. Our students enjoyed meeting their NatureBridge educator and beginning to learn about the geology and cultural history of the Yosemite Valley. The chaperones enjoyed watching our student begin to work as a team, especially when each group member carried a part of the group's lunch. Watching the students mature and take care of the whole group is such a special thing to watch.

Tomorrow our groups will visit some of the other sites they didn't get to see today. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow morning. Good night!

9:30 AM

Good morning! We had a restful night sleep and are ready for our first day on trail. Everyone is healthy and excited for their first day on trail! AEW & ACS had an early breakfast (7:15 amd 7:30 AM). After breakfast we went back to camp to get ready for our first day. The first day with NatureBridge is filled with lots of getting-to-know-you games and team building activities. When our students first met with their educators they divided up the lunches for the day and left camp. Check back this evening for some pictures for their first day out on trail.

Disclaimer.... NatureBridge no longer has the same access to wifi in camp and the dining hall. Uploading pictures isn't as easy as in the past. Like we said in the parent meetings, what we don't upload in Yosemite we will upload once we get back to school. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sunday, 10/9

Good evening Yosemite families! Both schools arrived safely in Curry Village around 3:00 PM. We had an orientation, moved in to our tent cabins, ate dinner, and had our evening orientation of Yosemite Valley. Lights just went out and most students are drifting off to sleep. We have an early day tomorrow, breakfast begins at 7:15 AM! The students are thrilled to meet their NatureBridge educators tomorrow and begin learning on the trail.

Today the internet hasn't been working too well. I am hopeful that I tomorrow will be better with many visitors leaving the valley because of the weekend. We were able to upload some pictures, but more will be trickling in depending on our internet/cell services.

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