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Check out the weather at Toyon Bay on Catalina Island, CA!

Wednesday, 11/8

5:00 PM

We are just about to turn onto Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon Rd. from PCH. I expect us to arrive at 5:20 PM.

4:30 PM


Please be at school waiting for your child, and do not park in the front parking lot.

3:55 PM

We are on the road. WAZE has us arriving at AE Wright at 5:10 PM.

3:45 PM

Greetings Spartan families! We have just arrived in Long Beach. Once our bus begins driving I will be able to post an update on arrival time.

Tuesday, 11/7

9:15 AM

Good morning Spartan families! We have had a busy morning already. This morning many of the students decided to complete the optional sunrise hike. It was so cool watching the sun rise together! On the way down we crossed paths with a doe and her fawn! More pictures to come.

Once we arrived back at camp we had some free time, breakfast, and had a fire drill. Now the students are on the dive deck having their snorkel orientation. Stay tuned for more pictures.

After lunch we will have the rest of our labs, free time, dinner and our evening astronomy night hike.

Looking forward to another wonderful day on Catalina island!

9:40 PM

This afternoon and evening were just as exciting and eventful as our morning program! The snorkeling this morning was a hit! All students did a wonderful job and are looking forward to tomorrow's longer snorkel. They completed the rest of the labs and were sad that they were over. Tonight's astronomy hike was a great way to end the day. The sky was perfectly clear and we were able to see Jupiter, Saturn, the "Little Dipper", and the city lights of Los Angeles. Tomorrow morning we will clean and move out of the dorms, have our last snorkel, change into our regular clothes, and be on the boat home --- all before noon! Stay tuned for more pictures and updates tomorrow.  

Monday, 11/6

9:30 PM

Good evening Spartan families! We sure have had a busy day. Once we arrived on the island we had an orientation meeting and ate our lunches. After moving into our dorms we began the first of our labs. Some groups visited a lab focused on sharks, algae, fish and mammals. We had some free time, ate a pasta dinner, visited the store, and had our evening program. Tonight's program was squid dissection. Some really cool pictures will be uploaded shortly.

As I mentioned before, the wifi is very slow and we had to upload one picture at a time. We try our best, promise. Whatever we can't post we will upload once we are back on the mainland. 

Tomorrow we will have our sunrise hike and our first orientation snorkel. Stay tuned! 

Catalina Island Marine Institute 

7th Grade

Please check back during the trip for updates!

7th grade Catalina Important Dates

Trip Application: Monday, 8/28/23 – Friday, 9/1/22. Due by 3:30 pm on 9/1!

Trip Date: Monday, 11/6/23 - Wednesday, 11/8/23

Cost: $655.00

Payment Due: Friday, 10/27/23 by 3:30 pm

Parent Meeting: Wednesday, 10/18/23, 7:00 PM via Zoom

Student Meetings: AE Wright Gym - Thursday, 10/19/23 and Thursday, 10/26/23