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Wednesday, November 9th

4:45 PM

We have hit some famous LA traffic! ETA is now 5:15 PM.

3:50 PM

We just loaded the buses in Long Beach. The boat ride took a bit longer than normal. Our anticipated arrival at AE Wright is 5:00 PM. Please be on time and make sure to not park in the front office parking lot.

9:00 AM

Good morning Spartans! Right now it is a beautiful sunny morning at Toyon Bay. What a busy morning we have had! The students have already eaten breakfast and checked out of the dorms rooms. Right now they have just started their last round of lab classes. (Please see yesterday's post for a description.)

The boat will be here to pick us up between 11-11:30 AM. Once we load up the boat we leave to pick up some other schools at another CIMI camp, Cherry Cove. It will take us about 2-2.5 hours to get back to Long Beach where our buses will be waiting for us. Once we load the bus and get on our way I will have time to update this blog with a more precise ETA. PLEASE be on time to pick up your student. They are excited to share all their camp stories with you! Please remember to not park in the front parking lot by the office that is where the buses will park. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 8th

7:45 PM

I am very pleased to report that our students had a great time, despite the rain. After breakfast they participated in the first of their labs. Half of the group visited labs about fish, sharks and algae. The other half visited labs focused on the ocean, plankton and inverts. Tomorrow morning they will visit the labs they didn't get to participate in today.

After lunch the students had their longer snorkel session with some free swim that included jumping off the dock! They were troopers because it started to rain in the last 30 minutes. There were even sightings of some seals swimming between our groups!

After dinner we packed up our belongings because we have to check out of our rooms right after breakfast. I was very impressed that our students kept their dorms very clean.... that NEVER happens! Way to go Spartans!

Sadly the night hike was canceled because of the muddy conditions, so they are participating in a deep sea creatures interactive lecture, a night maze, and a few games. They will be back in their rooms around 9:00 PM and I expect them to fall quickly to sleep. Today was a long day, but it will be a day that they will remember forever!

9:30 AM

Oh man! It sure did pour from about 4:00 am - 8:00 am. Thankfully the sun is out and it looks like we will only get a light drizzle later on in the day. The downpour did startle most of the students, but luckily they were prepared with great rain gear --- thanks to all of those reading this post!

Right now they are in their morning lab classes. Stay tuned for some picture updates. Hopefully the weather stays nice and we get to participate in our last snorkel after lunch today.

Check back later tonight with more updates. Have a great Election Day, and don't forget to go out and VOTE!

Monday, November 7th

9:30 PM

Good evening families! We had a pretty smooth trip over from Long Beach. The surf wasn't too bad and we even got to see two fin whales about 100 feet away from the boat! Very cool!

We made it to Toyon Bay around 11:45. The students has an orientation while they ate their lunch. We then moved into our dorms and got ready for our orientation snorkel. The students learned all about the rules of snorkeling and were able to be in the water for about an hour. We has Italian night for dinner and had our store time. The evening program for tonight was squid dissection. You can imagine that we are all very tired. The dorms are very quiet because they all passed out quickly! It was an amazing first day!

Right now the wifi isn't strong enough to upload pictures, but I will continue to try. Stay tuned!

Check out the weather at Toyon Bay on Catalina Island, CA!

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