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Friday, March 8th

2:00 PM

We have made it down the 243 and to the 10. ETA still says 4:00 PM.

1:00 PM

We are currently on the bus. Right now our ETA is 4:00PM, but that depends on traffic. I will continue to updated based on updated traffic.


8:45 AM

What a busy morning we had. The students woke up early to finish packing, clean their room, and check out out. All before breakfast (french toast stick, potatoes, muffins, fruit, yogurt, and other dietary options). The students have just begun their first of their remaining classes. We will have lunch in the meadow before we depart. My next post will be once we are on the bus leaving. I will be able to give you an estimated ETA. 

During drop off on Wednesday, I noticed numerous families dropping off and driving in the front parking lot. PLEASE DO NOT PARK OR DRIVE IN THE FRONT PARKING LOT. THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL OF US.

Thursday, March 7th

10:30 PM

What a fun afternoon and evening! The rest of the learning groups visited the store to purchase some AstroCamp swag. The 2024 sweatshirt designs are so cool! The students also participated in two more of the classes that I mentioned this morning. On the menu for dinner was pasta! It was a hit... plain noodles, red sauce noodles, meat sauce noodles, butter noodles, gluten free noodles... noodles, noodles, noodles! There was also salad, veggies, and rolls for them to enjoy. After a full belly we had our check out meeting from AstroCamp and had our last night class. Tonight the students participated in a simulation of an auction to buy planets, housing, enegry, and "fun extras" to build a "New Earth" to live on. It took awhile for them to get the hang of how an auction works, but by the end they were champion bidders. 

Tomorrow we clean-up and check out of our rooms before our breakfast, go to the last two classes, eat lunch, and then head on home! Please begin checking the blog around noon/1:00 PM because I will post live updates of our ETA here. Thanks so much for sending your students to spend three day at AstroCamp with us, we are having the trip of a lifetime! See you all tomorrow.

2:20 PM

Weather update: It has stopped drizzling, it is just damp and foggy.

Our students just finished up the morning sessions of class, had some free time, and ate a lunch (hotdogs, salad, fries, and other dietary options. Two of our groups were able to visit the store to buy some AstroCamp swag. The other groups will visit the store this evening. Right now the students are in their first session of their afternoon classes.

9:00 AM

Good morning Spartan families! We woke up to a teeny tiny bit of snow on the ground with lots of clouds and fog. The students left the warm dorm all bundled up to have a hot breakfast of cinnamon rolls, sausage, yogurt, fruit, potatoes, eggs, and other dietary options. With a full belly the learning groups just began their first class of the day. Some students will be building & launching rockets, rock climbing and micro gravity (in the pool). Stay tuned as we try our best to upload pictures to this blog.

Wednesday, March 6th

9:30 PM

Remember when I said the weather was beautiful? I guess I spoke too soon! Around 3:30 some clouds quickly rolled in, we had some light drizzle, then some very light snow, and then back to light rain. Once the snow hit the ground it melted, it's not cold enough for it to stick. Then around 5 the fog rolled in! Now it is currently drizzling...again. Despite the ever changing weather the students are having a blast! Seeing snow actually fall from the sky was a first time for many of our students. Even though I (Ms. Miller) am not a fan of the cold, it is such a cool thing to watch the kids get so excited to see snow. They are very lucky indeed!

This afternoon the students went to their first two classes, ate dinner (BBQ chicken, corn, salad, bread, mac and cheese, and other dietary options), and completed our first night program. Tonight the students learned about wind turbines, created their own, and tested to see how they worked, and reevaluated their designs. Even though many of the students were VERY tired they all seemed to enjoy the challenge! It is currently lights out and the students will quickly fall asleep. 

1:45 PM

We arrived at AstroCamp around 11:30 AM! The weather is beautiful and clear! A bit chilly though. The students were able to eat their lunch, play in the meadow, and take their luggage to the dorms. Right now the groups are taking a tour of camp. This afternon we will have the first of our two classes, dinner and then our night activity! 

8:20 AM

We are officially on the road! ETA to AstroCamp is approximately 11:30 AM.

6th grade Astrocamp Important Dates

Trip Application: Wednesday, January 31st (8:00 AM) - Wednesday, February 7th. Due by 3:30 pm!

Trip Date: Wednesday, 3/6/24 - Friday, 3/8/24

Cost: $655

Payment Due: Friday, March 1st by 3:30 pm

Parent Meeting: Wednesday, February 21st 7:00 PM via Zoom

Student Meetings: AE Wright Drama Room - Friday, February 23rd and Tuesday, February 27th. Both meetings start at 12:55. Eat lunch BEFORE the meeting. 

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