Sumac Fifth Grade

Digital Learning

We are here for you! March 16 through May 1 LVUSD will be teaching via Digital Learning. Below are links to teacher websites, emails, and a breakdown of what a Digital Learning Day looks like at home. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher if you have specific questions.

If you are experiencing any kind of technical difficulty, please use the district tech contact information below

What is Digital Learning?

Google Meets/Zoom

Teachers will schedule check ins, either with large groups of small groups, at certain times through out school day hours. Students should come if they can and follow good digital meet etiquette:

  • mute microphone unless asked to unmute
  • raise hand (either on camera or with raise hand feature)
  • stay present in the meeting; try not to multitask
  • take notes if you can

Google Classroom/Seesaw

Students will receive assignments via Google Classroom or Seesaw. These are platforms students know and understand. Materials, videos, assignments, and lessons will be posted through either. If you are not already added as a guardian for your child on Google Classroom, please do so as soon as you can to see what your child's teacher is sending out.


A hyperdoc is any document that contains a hyperlink, or a web link, embedded within it. You and your child may receive multiple hyperdocs during this time to streamline resources. You will know if there is a hyperlink if you hover over the text and a weblink appears. Click the weblink to see what your teacher has shared with you.

Parent Square/Email

Teachers will be doing their best to keep in touch with you through out school hours. Information to help you at home, checklists for the week, and resources will be sent to you through both Parent Square and email. If you have a more recent email you would like your teacher to contact you through, please send this to her as soon as you can. And just like with physical school, we may be in meetings with students or faculty, so please be patient if we do not immediately reply.

Teacher Websites and Emails

Ms. Stevenson- Ms. Stevenson's Webpage & email:

Maestra Díaz -Maestra's Website & email:

Mrs. Pennell - Mrs. Pennell's Webpage & email:


Mrs. Wilson (science)

District Tech Support


Student/Parent: 818-538-6433