Physical Science

Mrs. Jenner

Guidelines and Requirements - Please read and sign by Monday. Students will receive a copy in class on Thursday.

Guidelines and Requirements for 8th Grade Physical Science

Welcome to the new school year!

Recommended Supplies:

  1. Dedicated composition book (NO spirals)
  2. Dedicated science section of binder
  3. Sharpened pencils
  4. Blue or black ink pen
  5. Calculator
  6. Colored pencils or pens
  7. Highlighter pen

Lab Report Format

New Lab Report form 2018/19


8th Grade Science is a lab based class. It is impossible to make up what we do in class. If you are absent I am not concerned about what homework you missed. I am concerned that you missed a lab, a discussion, a chance to work on a model, etc... Please do not be absent. There are no make-ups for labs and the missed class time will impact your grade at a certain point.

If you are absent you should:

  1. Check the website.
  2. Check with your lab group to see if there is any data you can get from them to complete the lab.
  3. Discuss what happened in class with your lab group and other friends.
  4. Do your best to replicate and complete what happened in class. Most likely this is something you will have to complete in your free time at lunch. You can always have people text you pictures of the experiment and the data to complete at home.