Pre - IB Algebra II Applications and Interpretations = PIBAIIAI

This class is the first year of the IB Math AI SL syllabus curriculum. It combines Algebra II with that of the IB Math AI SL curriculum creating a comprehensive course that will prepare IB students for Math AI SL.

This Pre – IB Algebra II course is designed to prepare students for the rigors and assessments of Math AI SL as well as prepare students in Algebra II for Math Analysis. This course is co-seated meaning students in this class are either enrolled in Pre – IB Algebra II AI or Algebra II but all students will use the IB Math AI textbook and all students will practice for the written exploration.

Students in Pre – IB math courses will begin learning how to use graphing calculators as tools to help with computations. In class, I will use a TI – 84 Plus CE to demonstrate. While there are many different IB acceptable graphing calculators, the TI 84 series is often the most user friendly for students (and teachers!). As graphing calculators are very expensive, if you choose to purchase one please check to make sure your graphing calculator is IB acceptable before opening the box (so it can be returned if not ok!). Graphing calculators are also available in the library for students to check out and there is a very limited supply of extra calculators in my classroom. Students should know that calculators are tools that can help, but students should also be comfortable without a calculator as students will not be allowed to use a calculator on every assessment this year.

The written exploration is one of three assessments that students take for IB Math AI SL. The other two assessments are exams written by IB similar to that of AP math tests. These exams are cumulative of all material covered in both Pre – IB Algebra II AI and Math AI SL. In order to prepare for this, students should anticipate any topic / concept covered in this class to appear on any assessment.

The goal of this course is to prepare all students for the IB Math AI SL course and exam, even those students not enrolled in the full IB diploma program. Just as with AP exams, students can certificate in IB Math AI SL and include this on their transcripts for college admission.