Ms. Grantham


Room E218

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Be on time and be prepared for class by bring your spiral notebook, pencils, red pen for corrections, homework and a fully charged computer.

Show respect for yourself , for others and for other's property. Do not take anything that isn't yours without asking.

Hats , hoodies and cell phones are to be off in class.

No food or drinks allowed to be consumed in class except for water in a tighly sealed water bottle.

Do no talk while teacher is talking.

You are responsible for how you act in class and for following all the class rules. Failure to do so will result in a phone call home and disciplinary action from the assistant principal. Let your good reputation, character and positive attitude shine among your peers.

Please practice computer integrity. Remember that your computer is a learning tool and the use of it in inappropriate ways will result in consequences.

Join me by making this a great school year by following directions, doing your homework and showing good character/ respect to others!

Show respect to others and your self by following the classroom and school rules.