Mrs. Cooley ELA

Welcome to eighth-grade language arts. You can look forward to an exciting and challenging standards-based curriculum that will prepare you for high school. During the year, you will participate in a wide variety of reading and writing experiences and class discussions, as well as other activities that will allow you to make a strong and comfortable transition from the middle to the high school. For optimum success, eighth graders must become independent, resourceful, self-motivated, self-directed, and self-disciplined. When the need arises, it is preferable that they, rather than parents, initiate contact with me.

Check Website Daily for Assignments and Downloads

Please be aware that students are responsible for checking this website daily and downloading assignments, directions, etc. Students must bring these to class when needed. Hard copies of assignments, etc., will seldom be distributed in class. If a hard copy is needed, students should see me before leaving class. Not having the necessary assignment, directions, etc., will result in loss of grade points and confusion in understanding assignments, directions, etc.

Warning.Unexcused late work is not accepted.

All scores (tests included) are added in as zeros if not completed. Even assignments missed due to excused absences are added in as zeros until completed. To receive credit, they must be completed on a timely basis. One make up day permitted per day absent. If not made up within this time frame, assignments (tests included) remain zeros permanently. Writing assignments, projects, etc., must be submitted on the due date. Late work due to equipment breakdown, no ink, no paper, no internet access, etc., is unexcused. Be sure to allow enough time to make alternative arrangements for completing/printing assignments.

Attention parents-

If you wish to receive weekly progress emails from your Aeries'account(s):

Go to log-in or bottom of the home page, select Parent Notification Preferences, select Weekly Progress Email (check), and select Day and Time (check).