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2018 Music Awards banquet

june 4, 2018

Award winners

Most Valuable Musicians:

Instrumental: Joe Chrisman

Choir: Sofia Mazursky

Most Improved:

9th Grade Instrumental: Micaela Miller, Joshua Tam

10th Grade Instrumental: Katie Kerrigan

11th Grade Instrumental: Kate Saperstein, Morgan Jennings

Guitar: Devin Santana, Adar Ambar

9th grade Choir: Avery Grove

10th grade Choir: Carly Scarmardo

11th Grade Choir: Moraiya Pourfarid

Senior Awards:

Most Improved Instrumental: Matt Alperson

Most Improved Choir: Joshua Mastalski

Outstanding Achievement in Strings: Daniel Hakimi

Outstanding Achievement in Jazz: Andrew Wei

Outstanding Achievement in Choir: Mattie Ball, Lexi Weakley

John Phillip Sousa: Megan Lackey

Louis Armstrong: Omer Fedi

Director's Award: Nikki Darrow

National School Choral: Haley Mark

Unstrumental and Bare Rhythm selected for the Best Of High School A Cappella (BOHSA) Album 2018

Great news! Both of our A Cappella Groups were selected for the Best Of High School A Cappella (BOHSA) album for 2018.

Hundreds upon hundreds of tracks were submitted, with only 19 tracks selected.

Click the image to view all of the tracks, and especially CHS tracks 9 & 17 on the Best Of High School A Cappella list.

We are so proud of our students as they have been working very hard.

Please pass on your congratulations to these students!!!

-Joshua Barroll, CHS Music Director

Stay tuned for the iTunes release

Take a look at an article from the Copeland House –

We are working with one of their composers to write a piece just for our Wind Ensemble

So Exciting!

New Music Grows in L.A. ...

As part of What's the Score?, Copland House's award-winning composer commissioning program, PETER GOLUB (on podium) conducted a rehearsal of Calabasas High School Band (California) earlier this week of fragments and early sketches of his new work for the ensemble to premiere later this spring. In multiple visits in the coming months, the students will take a parallel journey through the creative process, led by Golub, and acclaimed composer, UCLA Professor and Director of the Sundance Film Music Program. Working with Band Director Joshua Barroll and Copland House's West Coast Education Advisor Paul Mesches, Golub is guiding students "behind the notes" as they learn about music not merely in its finished state but as the work actually develops. "The students' ears were opened in all kinds of new and unusual ways, and I think they played in ways they may never have expected," Paul reported. "Peter's generosity with the students and ability to describe his creative process were impressive, and Josh's collaborative input was enlightening." Watch this space as the composition continues to grow.