Message From OUR chs MUSIC Directors

CHS Music Directors’ Welcome

Dear Parents and CHS Music Students,

We hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. We have yet another very exciting year planned for the 2018-19 school year.

We will once again be having our LVUSD Music Festivals for Band, Orchestra, and Choir with all schools in the district participating. This year, our Jazz A Band will be auditioning for the Swing Central Jazz Festival in Savannah, GA in April, and our other jazz bands can look forward to local festivals and performances. The Orchestra continues to grow and expand as our string feeder at AC Stelle enters its 3rd year. The Band will continue its strong campus presence and entertain at football and basketball games, pep rallies and the Hidden Hills Parade. As always, the Pit Band as well as many of the singers for the school’s musical in March will come from our music program. In addition to all of this, our entire vocal program will be traveling to NYC to perform at Carnegie Hall with choirs from all over the world in a contemporary/pop a cappella concert. Unstrumental will also be competing at the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis. Lastly, our outstanding coaches and music assistants will be returning to help make this an inspiring and wonderful year of music making.

As we look forward to the year, we know that students will be working hard to contribute not only to their individual ensembles, but to the program as well. Whether we are talking about the responsibility to practice and know your music, or to participate in Music Boosters fundraising efforts, we are strongest when we all work together. Our work may center around music, but it’s the community we build and sustain daily that we will all remember well into the future.

Let's make 2018-19 one of our best years ever,

Joshua Barroll, Aaron Kohen, Michael Dabach

CHS Music Staff

"When practicing, aim for precision rather than perfection.

Precision = a process that is always being worked on

Perfection = a goal that is virtually unattainable"