The CHS Music Program uses an online system called “Charms” for maintaining and tracking important information.

Key functions are:

Communications - Parents/students receive emails with up to date info on important news, announcements, etc.

Centralized Data - Student’s profile, including contact info, class assignments, family contact info, etc. can be centrally stored.

Practice Logs - Students can log practices hours online, and teachers can monitor as needed.

Trip Information - Attendee, payments, outstanding balances, and invoicing can be maintained and tracked online.

Document Storage - Forms, sheet music, audio recordings, policies, etc. are stored in a central “library”.

How to Register and/or Login to Charms:

NEW Students

  1. Click Here

  2. In the box under PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS, enter code chsmusic

  3. In the Student Area Password type in your LVUSD 7-digit Permanent ID.

  4. On the very top left circles, click the one that says Student Info. Below are two buttons that say Personal Information and Change Password. Complete as much information as you can in Personal Information. Be sure to include your email address and Adult Unisex T-shirt size.

  5. You must also add at least one parent or guardian, and their email address to Charms. To add an adult click Add New Adult tab at the bottom, and complete (or have your parent complete) as much as possible, including email address.

  6. When you are done, click on the green Update button at the top right.

  7. You may change your password if you’d like, but you will need to remember it! If you do not add the contact information, you/your parents will miss important communications from your music teachers!


  1. Click Here and confirm/update your personal info and all email addresses.

  2. You can also download the Charms Blue App to your mobile device to stay connected on the go.

Questions? Ask Mr. Kohen, Mr. Siegel or contact Christine Sander at 917-346-9434 or