Discovery Technology

Welcome to the Technology Page

My name is Mr. Espinoza and it is my pleasure to be your Discovery Technology teacher this year. I am looking forward to introducing you to an exciting world of technology. During this class, you will enhance your typing proficiency to be able to type without looking at a keyboard, using the software program, Typing Club. In addition, you will expand your critical thinking, problem solving and logical thinking skills by learning about Computer Science. You will be learning some basic concepts in Computer Science through learning Scratch, a visual programming language. The following page explains some of the benefits of learning the Scratch language. If you would like to learn more about Scratch, please visit the website With this programming language, you will create all kinds of projects including animations, stories and even games. I hope you are as excited as I am to expand your knowledge of technology!

Important Class Information

Class Expectations

  1. A polite attitude is the best way to success. Listen to a neighbor’s question, it may be yours.
  2. Only visit websites and software applications, as instructed by Mr. Espinoza.
  3. Respect the technology and equipment in the classroom.
  4. No food may be eaten during class, nor sipped, except for water.
  5. Gum is prohibited!
  6. Zero tolerance to tardies.
  7. Substitutes: When I am out for the day, you will get a substitute teacher. Treat them as well as you treat any teacher. If a problem occurs, I will contact parents/guardians and I will notify the office.

How You Will Be Graded


Students will create projects using the Scratch visual programming language. Some of the projects created in this class will include animations, stories, and games.


Each day, students will practice improving their skills in typing without looking at a keyboard. At the end of each week, students will take a typing test. At the end of the 8 week class, a grade will be assigned to each class based on student progress.


Students will create a design journal to log their reflections and notes about projects and activities created in Scratch. This journal will be created using Google Slides and it will be graded at the end of the course.


A: 90 – 100%

B: 80 – 89%

C: 70 – 79%

D: 60 – 69%

F: 59% and below

Absence Procedure

If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to find out what projects or activities were missed. Upon their return, they must come in before school, after school, or during lunch to receive help or explanation of missed assignments. Students will receive 1- 5 additional days to turn in missing projects depending on the number of days that s/he was absent. If a student is absent on a day a project is due, the project must be turned in promptly.