PHYSICS syllabus.docx

Week of April 9 - 13

Monday - Prepare study guides for Chapters 21 - 22 ( I will give you a format like last time)

Tuesday - Chapter 21 - 22 Test

Wednesday - Video Lecture, Chapter 23

Thursday - finish video lecture, Chapter 23

Friday - Problem worksheet, practice of thermodynamics

Homework: Chapter 24 notes and Review Questions and Plug and Chug, due Friday, 4/13.

Week of April 2 -6 . Spring Break!!

If you wish to improve your test score, Chapters 9-11, you may do so. Here's how: Figure out the correct answer to the questions you missed, write a 1-2 sentence statement as to why the answer is correct. You will receive .5 pts. for each corrected question. Due Tuesday, 4/10.

Week of March 26 - March 30

Monday - Go over Chapter 21 review questions. Tuesday - Video Lecture, Chapter 22, Heat Transfer

Wednesday - Video Lecture, Chapter 23, Change of Phase

Thursday - Heat Transfer and Change of Phase Discussion, go over review questions

Friday - Heat Transfer Lab activity

NOTE: Chapter 24, Thermodynamics will be addressed in class after Spring Break.

Week of March 19 - March 23

Monday - Meet with Mrs. Sassin

Tuesday - Video Lecture, Chapter 21, Temperature, Heat, and Expansion

Wednesday - finish Video Lecture

Thursday - Heat Demos.

Friday - Ski Day

Homework: Continue reading and taking notes on Chapters 21 - 24. Review questions 1-18, Chap. 21

due Monday, 3/26. (Review questions for chapters 22 & 23 will be due Thursday, 3/29)

Week of March 12 - March 16

Monday - Finish Bouyancy Lab, answered questions due Tues., 3/13

Tuesday - Correct Review Questions for Chapters 17 - 20 (last week's homework)

Wednesday - Worksheet for special laws and terms associated with Phases of Matter

Thursday - Quiz on Chapters 17 - 20


Getting Ahead: We will start our unit on Thermodynamics. Start reading Chapters 21-24.

Week of March 5 - March 9 (revised 3/5)

Monday - answer questions on Chapters 9-11. Work on study guides

Tuesday - Chapter 9,10.11 Test

Wed. - Phases of Matter Lab Activities - Density, Elasticity, Tension & Compression

Thurs. - Phases of Matter Lab Activities - Archimedes, Pascal, Boyle and Bernoulli

Friday - Discussion of special properties of each phase of matter

HOMEWORK: Review Questions (1st section), Chapters 17-20, odds only. Due Fri., 3/9

Week of Feb. 26 - March 2 (revised)

Monday - Review/discussion of Properties of Matter. Clarification of any misunderstandings.

Tuesday - Phases of Matter Lab with informal write-up. DUE: Wed.

Wednesday - Readdress Circular Motion and Rotational Mechanics. Do problems in class to verify understanding.

Hmwk: Prepare a study guide for Chapters 8-11. DUE: Monday

Thursday - Review and prepare for Chapter 8 - 11 Test

Friday - Chapters 8 - 11 Test .

Due to the shortened day on Tuesday, we did not get through our Phases Lab so everything will be delayed by one day. Therefore..... the test in not until Monday - yay!!

Week of Feb. 19 - 23 - President's Week vacation

Reading assignment: Read Chapters 17 through 20, Properties of Matter

Suggested (not graded but a good idea) assignment: Do the Review Questions for each chapter.

We will be covering this unit quickly as it is either a review/preview of chemistry. You will not understand the following units however unless you have a basic knowledge of atoms, electrons, electrical charges, and how they behave.

Week of Feb. 12 - 16

Monday - Chapter 11 Lecture notes, Rotational Mechanics

Hmwk: Ch. 11 Cornell notes - DUE Tues., 2/13

Ch. 11 Problems, pg. 165, 1-22, all. DUE Friday, 2/16

Tuesday - EGG DROP!!

We will stage our contest to see which group managed to create a more efficient apparatis to protect their egg.

REMEMBER: You are to do an informal lab write-up for this. You must explain the physics behind the activity but do not need to write out sections such as materials and procedure. (Be sure you review the concepts of momentum, impulse, inelastic collisions, kinetic energy, and don't forget the difference between force and mass, N vs. kg)

Wednesday - Mock Trial

You will all miss class, but need to continue with homework problems.

Thursday - Ski Day

Friday - Lecture/Discussion - Review Circular Motion and then connect to Rotational Mechanics. Review homework problems.

Week of Feb. 5 - Feb. 9

Monday - Chapter 10 Lecture notes, Center of Gravity

Hmwk: Ch. 10 Review, questions 1-37, evens

Tuesday - finish lecture notes

review chapter review questions - 1-37, evens

Wednesday - Center of Gravity activity (with sub)

Thursday - no physics - Ski Day

Friday - Turn in Center of Gravity activity.

Ch. 9 & 10 Quiz

Week of Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

Monday - Lecture/Notes Cicular Motion

Tuesday - Circular Motion Lab activity

Wednesday - Circular Motion Lab (day 2)

Thursday - Circular Motion lab analysis questions - ck for understanding

Friday - no physics

Weekly Homework - Read Chapter 10 and take Cornell notes

Week of Jan. 22-26

Monday - Finish going over Energy, Ch. 8, homework

Hmwk: Prepare Study Guide for Wed. quiz

Tuesday - Work on Egg Drop Challenge

Hmwk: Study Guide for quiz, prepare formula table also

Wed. - Chapter 8 Quiz

Hmwk: Read Ch. 9 with Cornell notes, Due Friday, 1/26

Chapter Assessment questions, All - Due Mon., 1/29

Thursday - Lecture notes for Ch. 9, Circular Motion

Hmwk: finish notes for Ch. 9

Friday - Ch. 9 problems and demo.

Week of Jan. 15 - 19 Energy

Homework: Read and Cornell Chapter 8 - Energy, pgs 103-119

Do Chapter Assessment, questions 1-47 (all)

Due Thursday, 1/18

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Video Lecture (with sub)

Wednesday: Egg Drop - demo. and presentation of project

Thursday: Review homework and problems

Friday: Work on Egg Drop

Conceptual Physics - 6 - Newton's 3rd Law.m4v

Week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 Monday - Free-Body Diagrams - Bring computer to class

Class: Read Holt, pgs. 122-123


Hmwk: Free-Body Diagrams worksheets, due Wed. 11/29

Tuesday - Calculating Net Forces

Class: Read Holt, pgs. 126 - 127. CP practice pgs. 5-3,5-4

Wednesday - Friction

Class: Read Holt, pgs. 135 - 140

Discuss coefficients of friction and overcoming friction

Work problems 1-3, pg 139 and 1-4, pg 141

Hmwk: Read Chapter 6, Blue Book, take Cornell notes, due Friday

Thursday - Newton's Third Law

Class: Video, Newton's 3rd Law

Action/Reaction worksheets

Friday - Introduction of Performance Task Assignment

Due to minimum days and my absence, class activities have changed.

Mon.- Free-Body Diagrams, Tues. - video lecture, Wed. - video lecture, Thurs. - calculating net forces

Week of Dec. 4 - Dec. 8 Momentum

Monday, 12/4 Class: Finish Force worksheets

Hmwk: Read Conceptual Physics, Chapter 7 Momentum, take Cornell notes, DUE Thurs., 12/7

Tuesday, 12/5 . Class: Discuss coefficients of friction and how to calculate

Friction worksheets

Hmwk: Finish friction worksheets

Wednesday, 12/6 . Class: Momentum video

Thursday, 12/6 . Class: Momentum Lab

Friday, 12/7 . Class: Momentum worksheets and problems

Conceptual Physics - 7 - Momentum.m4v

Momentum video

Conceptual Physics - 4 - Newton's 1st Law.m4v

Conceptual Physics - 5 - Newton's 2nd Law.m4v

Monday - Review Balloon lab adding angles to demonstration (with sub)

Tuesday - Balloon lab exploring effects of angles on friction and reactions

Wednesday - Review Newton's 1st and 2nd Law concepts

Thursday - work on Newton's 1st and 2nd Law math problems

Friday - Quiz on Newton's 1st and 2nd Law

Week of Nov. 6-10

Monday - Turn in Equilibrium worksheets. Review worksheet answers.

Watch video on Newton's 2nd Law.

Homework: Due Mon., 11/13. Read pgs. 130-134 in Holt, take Cornell notes, do questions on pg. 134.

Read Ch. 5 in blue book, take Cornell notes, answer Review Questions,

pg. 71, 1-18.

Tuesday - Finish lecture video

Net Force activity, class discussion on forces and acceleration.

Wednesday - Practice force and acceleration problems.

Thursday - Turn in week's homework. Review concepts. Go over Study Guide.

Friday - Veteran's Day. No School.