Program Information

Who is eligible to participate?

Teachers may participate in the Induction Program if they:

Hold a Multiple, Single Subject or Education Specialist Preliminary Credential and is in their first or second year of teaching.


Hold a Multiple, Single Subject or Education Specialist Preliminary Credential and is required to participate in an approved induction program as stated on the credential.


Has completed a Multiple, Single Subject or Education Specialist Internship Program and has applied for, or has received a Preliminary Credential.

For Additional Information contact the TVTIP Office: (925) 606-3278

Admission and Support

Newly hired teachers, who hold a preliminary credential, will be asked by Human Resources to complete a Credential Screening Form during the intake process.

Upon review, the teacher will receive an email regarding program eligibility. Eligible teachers will be enrolled in TVTIP's two year induction program. Teachers will be assigned a coach within the first 30 days of enrollment.

Each induction participant will receive an average of no less than 4 hours per month of individualized support/mentoring coordinated by their coach.

Goals for each participating teacher must be developed within the context of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within the first 60 days of the teacher's enrollment in the program.

The ILP will be designed and implemented solely for the professional growth of the participating teacher and not for evaluation.

*In accordance with the CTC Induction Preconditions, Early Completion Option (ECO) available through TVTIP. Experienced and exceptional candidates who meet established criteria may be eligible to apply for ECO.
Draft Credential screening form 2020-21
LCD Induction Program Requirements 2020-21

Induction Program Requirements

Participating Teacher Handbook

PT Handbook 2020-21
Copy of TVTIP Credentialing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Governance and Administration

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) serves as the lead agency for the Tri-Valley Teacher Induction Program (TVTIP). Superintendent Dr. Kelly Bowers will serve as the Unit Head of the consortium. The Administrative Services division of Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) will be responsible for oversight of the Tri-Valley Teacher Induction Program. We will be in partnership with Dublin Unified (DUSD) and Castro Valley Unified School Districts (CVUSD). Collectively we will deliver a cohesive program for our participating teachers.

Melissa Theide, the LVJUSD Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, will be responsible for overseeing the Teacher Induction program being offered to our consortium. The Advisory Committee is made up of Administrative representatives from each partnering district along with the Induction Director and Coordinators. The committee will plan the program, analyze program data, review the budget and make decisions regarding the direction of the program.

Leslie Williams, the Induction Director: New Teacher Induction Specialist, will use the guidance from the Advisory Committee to coordinate all aspects of the induction program. She will partner with the Coordinators of Dublin Unified School District and Castro Valley Unified School District to form the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team will meet bi-monthly to plan all aspects of the induction program. They will also ensure that Induction Coaches are prepared and supported. The Leadership team will also meet with Stakeholder groups to present information and gather feedback for the growth of the program.