Current Heads Up:

Updated on 8/19/2019 @ 6:42 p.m.

All hardline connections (meaning your computer/laptop is plugged into the wall with a networking cable) are up and working. Our LVISD-WiFi segment is up and running. IF for some reason you cannot connect to LVISD WiFi try to forget the network and then log back into the LVISD WiFi. Need help? Email

  • Fortinet: All issues should be resolved if you experience any issues please let know immediately.
  • Adding Printers & P drives:Our Group Policies were corrupt and I have requested a clean up so that we can send shortcuts to all desktops. Once our Group policies are fixed we will be sending actual desktop shortcuts to your station for your P drive, adding printers, and the LVISD Digital Den powered by ClassLink. In the meantime you can manually add a shortcut to printers or your P drive by following the linked directions below.
  • Your Teacher workzone: Your computer station MUST be located by the drops in your classroom. You cannot have furniture blocking any networking drops in your classroom.
  • All Teacher stations have been connected as of 8/1/19. We kindly ask that you do not unplug anything.

*Remember-You can have YOUR desk anywhere you would like, BUT the computer must be by the drop.*

Is Google Down? Check Here

Project Status:

  • Windows 10 Migration: campuses complete with the exception of laptops issued to individual users at the campus level. A final upgrade call will be made in late August early September to bring laptops to the technology lab for upgrade. Please be checking your email! If a desktop station was missed please email so your room/location can be added to the list. CURRENT LIST of stations we have missed.
  • Intermediate Deployment: project completed 7/24-AirServer connection codes need to be entered into Teacher Stations. Techs will complete AirServer codes by 8/20/19.
  • LVISD Digital Den Powered by ClassLink: the LVISD Digital Den will be replacing the Clever Portal and doing the account provisioning for Active Directory,Google Accounts and Office 365 accounts for all students in addition to creating sign ons for all web resources for students. The LVISD Digital Den is also were all faculty/staff should go to log into any web based application (Aesop, TxEIS, Google, 365, HMH, Eduhero, Eduphoria, etc.) The Digital Den is ONE PASSWORD FOR ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS.
  • Office 365: Everyone should now have their Office 365 Account. If you did not get your account please email


Office 365 Training Center

LVISD Digital Den Powered by ClassLink-What is ClassLink?

Adding Networked Printers

Printers-You will need to add the printers you wish to be connected to. To add a printer you will:

a-Click on the Windows symbol in the bottom left corner of your screen.

b-Start typing \\printsvr {it's weird there's no box to type in just start typing}

c-A list of printers in the district will appear. Find the printer you want to connect to and double click on it to add. Please note all printers will start with three letters that represent their location so JHS refers to a printer at the Junior High School.

d-You can add any/all the printers you wish to be connected to. Just remember when you select to print to PICK the printer you want it to go to.