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Matt Veto, Lehigh University


The internet connected the world. Artificial intelligence will change it. Every major industry is on a collision course with AI. Health care professionals are using AI to help with diagnoses. Business are using AI to target specific consumer interests. Publishers are using algorithms to write simple stories. Some fear AI tools will replace the human being behind the work.

But what if we could remove the “scary” sheen of AI and create a useful tool ourselves? This is what Lehigh University journalism students are experimenting with in Multimedia Storytelling through the creation of chat bots — a computer code capable of having a virtual and natural-sounding conversation with a human. The potential application for a tool like that is broad and interdisciplinary. Chat bots can help you decide what movie to watch this weekend, help you learn a new language — or in our application — deliver the news.

The best part? Coding a rudimentary chat bot is not nearly as difficult as it sounds thanks to third-party tools such as Dexter. In fact, with a little practice, it’s a lot of fun.



Dexter is the platform for businesses, brands, and people to create meaningful automated conversations.

Key Terms/Tags:

Artificial intelligence, automated conversations, virtual conversation

Directions for Dexter:

  1. Visit the Dexter website and sign up for an account.
  2. Click the large green plus sign in the upper-left corner of the screen. Click “Create New.”
  3. Choose a theme and select “Create Bot.”
  4. You can begin editing and coding from the screen. Use the documents provided in the resources section to learn more about codes for specific questions or scenarios.