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Library Policies Jr High and High School 2020-2021 COVID-19

It is the mission of the library media program to support the academic curriculum of the school, as well as the personal growth of the students. The staff of the media center seeks to assist students in fostering independent analysis, critical thinking and research skills, and in becoming capable, critical and ethical users of information from a perspective of internationalism for their future as part of a global environment. The creation of a living library where students become “doers” of their subjects and feel comfortable taking academic risks is fundamental to the library media program. The promotion of leisure reading and learning for personal development are also key elements of the library media program. This mission is accomplished through the following goals:

  • incorporate materials with an emphasis on international mindedness and multiculturalism into the collection and information literacy instruction

  • collaborate with classroom teachers to provide opportunities for research and inquiry learning,

  • provide information literacy instruction in conjunction with, and supportive of, curriculum content areas,

  • develop a collection that reflects the reading interests of the students, and

  • create an environment that is safe, comfortable, and conducive to learning.

Meg Sayago, Librarian

610.866.9660 x4215