Extra-Curricular Activities

Club advisors will provide information regarding signing up for different activities.

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Clubs and Activities:

Academic Team (Gr. 9-12) - Room 123
Mr. Patterson
Meets Wednesday mornings during homeroom

Aevidum - Room 130
2nd Wednesday of the month during homeroom

Drama Club (Gr. 7-10)
Ms. Pascale a.pascale@lvacademy.org

T.A.G (Gr. 7-8)
Ms. Catino n.catino@lvacademy.org

French Club (Gr. 9-12)
Mme. Ayers s.ayers@lvacademy.org

Mini-THON (Gr. 9-12) - Library
Mr. Colacito c.colacito@lvacademy.org
Every other Friday during homeroom starting on September 16

School Store (Gr. 12)
Mr. Dombrowski d.dombrowski@lvacademy.org

Ski & Snowboard Club (Gr. 7-12) -
Ms. Howard b.howard@lvacademy.org

Student Council (Gr. 9-12) - Room 119
Mme Wingerter & Mr. Sabino
Meets Tuesday mornings during homeroom

Spanish Club (Gr. 9-12)
Ms. Serencsits r.serencsits@lvacademy.org

S.A.G.A (Gr. 9-12)
Mme. Wingerter e.wingerter@lvacademy.org
Meets Monday mornings during homeroom

Step Team (Gr. 9-12)
Ms. Johnson j.johnson@lvacademy.org

Technology Student Association (Gr. 9-12)
Mrs. Trunfio a.trunfio@lvacademy.org

Yearbook (Gr. 9-12) - Art Room
Mrs. Nunez e.nunez@lvacademy.org
Meets Mondays after school

Honor Societies

National Junior Honor Society (Gr. 7-8)

French National Honor Society (Gr. 11-12)
Mme. Ayers

Science National Honor Society (Gr. 10-12)
Meeting once/month @ 8AM
Mr. Schafer

Spanish National Honor Society (Gr. 11-12)
Sra. Valdes

National Honor Society (Gr. 10-12)
Mrs. Della Rosa & Mr. Hall

National English Honor Society (Gr. 10-12)
Mr. Dill

Math National Honor Society (Gr. 9-12)
Mrs. LaNasa

Rho Kappa (Gr. 10-12)
Mr. Wendling