"Far from urgent definitions and market sounds, Luvi Torres builds looks about the collective chant and in dialogue with nature, in commitment to spiritual and healing (...)" says Patricio Féminis (Diario Clarín, Sudestada Magazine, National Radio of ARG) "

LUVI TORRES is an argentinian singer, composer, musician and performer, dedicated primarily to expand from her heart: root music. She is one of the most outstanding singers or songwriters of the new Argentine folklore. She has already played with the greatest references of current Argentine music, and in her solo alchemy transcends the union between world music, ancestral music, alternative, rock, pop and healing music, achieving a fresh and devastating sound, authentic and referential, new and ancestral at a time.

As an artist and sound therapist, she encourages the development of consciousness through sound. Inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto, and from dramatic experiences throughout her life, she has managed to overcome and transform her wounds into gifts through singing, discovering herself as a channel of expression and healing at the service of evolution of Mother Earth and Humanity. Her songs are like prayers, neurolinguistic programming, mantras, spells, affirmations: the word that opens, connects, creates. In addition to using her voice and other elements as a harmonic instrument, she performs native instruments such as "bombo leguero" and "caja chayera", also acustic guitar, and the particular "Bichito cordobés", one of the distinctive colors in her composition, the hybrid and shamanic instrument created by the Chilean luthier Homero Zambrano.

She is the author of the album SER EL AGUA (Sura music, 2014); an album that promotes the development and care of the water that we are, inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto, the development of consciousness and ecology; with the participation of Miss Bolivia, Mariana Baraj, Mariano Tiki Cantero (Aca Seca, La Bomba de Tiempo), among other great artists. Author of the UOEI sonotherapeutic EP and the Single ARTEMISA. She is producing now a new album that will soon apear in 2018.

She is also part of the avant-garde work The Journey of the Kundalini by Pablo M. Robles and Metabombo by Camilo Carabajal. She has also worked with Ernesto Snajer, Titi Rivarola, Gaby Kerpel a.k.a. King Coya, Dani Martin, and FUERZA BRUTA as vocalist, percussionist and vocal coach. She has played with Carlos Rivera (MX), La Yegros (FR), Hilda Lizarazu, Lito Vitale, Bruno Arias, Gabo Ferro, La Bruja Salguero, Lorena Astudillo, Barbarita Palacios, among others.

She recorded with the Lito Vitale Orchestra the Argentine National Anthem with native instruments. She's part of two films: "Zonda: Argentine Folklore" (Carlos Saura) and Folklore in the Coliseum (Gabriel Herce), documentaries that record the panorama of current Argentine music.

She began her training in singing from the age of 8, making early ventures into various areas of the holistic and artistic world, practicing a commitment to self-knowledge and conscious expression, at the service of her personal development.

Through a powerful retreat in nature during the pregnancy, gestation and puerperium of her daughter Nura, she renews her Canto medicina and her method CantarSana to share with others.

She's currently living in Buenos Aires where is offering in her concerts as well as in her educational and therapeutic proposals, an unique experience of vibrational elevation.