The Emerald Way

The Emerald Way

Learning comes first at Lutterworth High School. We are passionate about creating a rich and variedlearning experience for our students.

All students follow a broad and balanced taught curriculum. However, this forms only part of the learning at Lutterworth High School. ‘Learning beyond the lesson’ encompasses an exceptional range of over 140 co-curricular and enrichment experiences. To promote and encourage learning beyond the lesson we have developed the Emerald Way.

These co-curricular and enrichment experiences should not be considered a ‘bolt-on’ but an integral and essential part of the learning experience at Lutterworth High School.

The Emerald Way at LHS is the culmination of a variety of clubs, opportunities and experiences that students can participate in throughout their time at the school. Through the vast range of opportunities available across the different year groups, students are encouraged to try new things and develop themselves.

The Emerald Way tracks the students to ensure they are taking advantage of their time outside of the classroom; we want students to take a chance, try something new, and embrace new challenges all done in a supportive, nurturing environment.

The 5 C's

The Emerald Way encourages you to access the many opportunities on offer, to enable your talents to flourish and for you to leave Lutterworth High School as well rounded and confident individuals.

Our co-curricular and enrichment opportunities are grouped into four categories: Creativity, Competition, Charity and Culture.

Click on the appropriate category below to log your attendance for our co-curricular and enrichment opportunities.


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something.


The activity or condition of striving to gain or win something.


To think favourably of others and do them good.


The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement.

The Fifth C

The fifth C is the outcome of participating in our Emerald Way programme. We believe that getting fully immersed into the opportunities the school has to offer will result in confidence. This confidence encompasses all of the skills and outcomes that you do not see on an examination certificate but is critical for future success in the workplace and to embrace life and challenges in the 21st Century.


Students attending an activity outside of normal lessons will be credited with an “Emmie”.

These Emmies with have a nominal value of 1. Each activity will attract a different tariff, for example being a main part in the school’s performing arts show would accrue 100 Emmies, whereas helping out with The Learning Hub for one term may attract a lower value let say eight Emmies. These tariffed activities will accumulate over time and go towards a Bronze Emmie, Silver Emmie, and a Gold Emmie.

The more activities the student completes the more Emmies they will be rewarded. To celebrate the student’s’ achievements there will be a “Night at The Emmies” held at the end of the academic year. Alongside the students who are, “Following the Emerald Way will be recognised in assembly, in the newsletter and of course through our social media broadcasts.