Introduction, and the start of a long crawl... a journey.

Well, here I go...

So, why "a long crawl..."? And why a pile of wood?

  • I don't know anything, really. I'm floating on a stormy sea of opinion and conjecture, my own included.
  • Learning how to walk (invest) well takes time - maybe I won't manage it.
  • I've been at the investment game for over thirty years, and in a serious do-it-myself way in stocks for over a decade, but I still feel like a complete novice.
  • But I do intend to continue being a student of the markets, always learning...
  • Oh, and the wood store? I'm going to need that to burn in the stove to keep warm as I study, and study, and study, and...

My aim in creating this blog is to focus my own attention on the important details of my actions, to think about why I've taken them, and against what background. I'm also hoping my family will glean something from it.

This is going to be an investment and trading blog, and so I'll be focusing my thoughts on those decisions, their outcomes, and what I learn along the way. I'll likely also share some experiences I trip over, or have already had along the way, good and bad.

It might be that someone else derives a little benefit too. That's all the better. But, and it's a big but, at no time is this blog intended to be any form of advisory. It's simply a tool for me to be as focused as I can be with my own thoughts and decisions by making them public, and allowing criticism to arrive from the outside.

I'm still new to the blogging game. I might not be able to keep it up, and I might not enjoy it much. But having been something of an investor and trader for a while, I do think the discipline it will impose on me will help me keep a better focus on where I'm going with my work.

I am worried that I may be harbouring some vanity in writing this blog. I hope my critics will keep me right.


We live in a "too long didn't read", sound-byte filled world. I make no apology for largely ignoring this, although I do try to keep things short-ish and simple-ish. Much of what interests me requires work and thought. If an investor or trader is unable to concentrate for long enough to read detailed writing, then they are unlikely to make a good investor or trader. However, I have tried to summarise much of what I've come across and learned in a reasonably concise manner, which, after all, benefits me.


I am Scots, born and brought up in Scotland. I've lived here all my life. Prior to re-training myself as an investor and trader, I ran an IT services company which serviced installations from London to Aberdeen, and before that as a callow youth, a budding farmer.


All mistakes are mine, so constructive feedback and corrections are welcome. After all, I'm learning too. :-)


January 2018, with further amendments.

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Nothing contained herein is intended to be any form of advisory. It's simply a tool for my personal benefit. The reader must make up their own mind, and seek their own advice on anything I may post. All copyright and other ownership is acknowledged, whether explicitly or not.