Our Farm

At Piamar Farm we are committed to producing fresh, delicious and sustainable food.

We are a small family farm located in Tonimbuk, West Gippsland where we produce Lucky Cluckers Pastured Free Range Eggs.

We began this journey to provide our young family with a healthy and natural upbringing connected to the land and the food we produce.

Lucky Cluckers Eggs are produced using mobile chicken sheds. We move the hens to lovely fresh green grass every few days to ensure we produce the most delicious eggs.

Our hens forage naturally in the paddocks and roost and lay their eggs in their purpose built shed.

No hens on our farm are debeaked and stocking density is kept to only 120 hens per hectare ensuring plenty of room for everyone.

Our aim on Piamar Farm is to provide our animals with a good life while they are on our farm with the ability to forage, socialize and behave as they would naturally.

Through farming naturally we are committed to improving the diversity, fertility and viability of our beautiful family farm, and providing our community with fabulous, tasty and ethically produced food.