Roscoe Wilson Health Services

Cathy Eldredge R.N. Roscoe Wilson School Nurse

I feel so honored to be taking care of your children, I love them like my own! I have been a nurse for 42 years most of which was at Covenant Health Systems in Pediatrics, and then in Day surgery, and a couple of years experience in ICU, and Urology. I have been married to my fun husband Earl for 41 years. This is my 12th year with LISD and Roscoe Wilson. We have 2 beautiful daughters, 2 wonderful son in laws, and 4 awesome grandchildren. If you ever have questions or concerns please give me a call or email. Hours are 7:30-3:45.


(806)219-7517 Office

Fax (806) 766-0525

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Watch this video to remind us how to stay healthy!

Health Information from Nurse Eldredge

Meal accommodations

If students have special food accommodations for food allergies, or intolerance, please email the nurse she can get that taken care of right away, you will need to sign a form to get that going in the cafeteria.

If you receive food 2 kid bags on Fridays please let me know if you need to be added to the list.

Medicines in the clinic-

Medicines will need to be scheduled to drop off, count, and sign forms with the nurse, no children will be allowed to bring medicines into the building.

Parents/guardian will need to sign an OTC form to allow regular over the counter meds to be given throughout the year; if a student has a need, we follow Dr. Klepper's orders on those over the counters and dosages- the nurse will always call before giving. Nurses are not allowed to take a verbal over the phone to allow to give an over the counter medicine, parent/guardian must sign the form initial all meds allowed to give DO NOT CHECK.

OTC meds offered in the clinic : Tylenol, Ibuprofen-advil, motrin, Benadryl, Tums, Pepto bismol, Cough drops, calamine lotion, topical antibiotic ointment, carmex, vicks vapor rub. tabs, liquid, and chewables are available in most pain relievers, and benadryl.

Daily meds- if you have a student that requires daily meds please call the nurse for an appointment to fill out forms, and count the medicines. (806)219-7517

I will be out in front of the school to accept medications and forms to fill out the 1st week of school... parents must bring the meds, no students.


Nurses are no longer able to assess a student before school to see if they are OK to come to school . Parent/guardians are required to self monitor, take temps, and evaluate, or take the student to the doctor.

If you or your child has a fever of 100, and coughing, loss of taste, or smell, covid-19 symptoms, please do not bring them to school, they need to go to the doctor, further instructions will be given and for the school to allow to come back- please bring documentation.

If your child, has a fever of 100.4, diarrhea, vomiting, the student must stay home, go to the doctor to be excused.

It must be 24 hours without the aid of a medicine before allowed to come back to school.

Health screening-

I will be screening all of the children for vision, hearing, height, weight, and dental care- if they pass you will not hear from the nurse, if they require a dentist check up, BMI, vision, or hearing you will get a call or a letter. Screenings will be done individual and usually at the first few months of school.

Other Healthy Suggestions-

  • Limit watching the news to 5 minutes

  • Get out and get some fresh air

  • Wash hands often, use warm soapy water. If you don't have access to water and soap- use hand sanitizer.

  • Eat the rainbow of colorful foods

  • Exercise 60 minutes a day

  • Drink at least 3 water bottles a day

  • Get 10-12 hours of sleep nightly

  • Wear your mask- don't touch your face, be cautious if you feel light headed, headache, or dizzy take your mask off, get some fresh air away from people.

  • Social distance 6ft from one another

  • Have fun, laugh a lot!