What is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?

PBIS is a multi-tiered system of support that works to promote safe, civil, and productive learning environments by establishing common expectations for and responses to behavior. A special focus is given to acknowledging positive behavior while responding to negative behavior in a calm, instructive, and consistent manner.

What is the benefit of using PBIS to support behavior in schools?

When campuses implement PBIS with fidelity, there are consistent systems and procedures that are explicitly taught to students and staff. This helps everyone on campus have a shared understanding of what appropriate behavior looks and sounds like at school. The goal is to increase positive behavior and to prevent negative behavior from occurring, as much as possible.

How does LISD support PBIS implementation in the district?

Each LISD campus has a PBIS team that is composed of administrators, teachers, and other key campus staff. The campus PBIS teams work to establish a customized PBIS set of systems, monitor campus discipline data, and respond to feedback from the campus community. LISD also has a PBIS specialist who helps to support administrators, teachers, and campus teams.

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