Dunbar CPA Visual Arts Program

Hello Parents/Guardians,

My name is Andrew Hernandez and I am the Art teacher at Dunbar College Preparatory Academy. I am very excited to begin the school year and make some amazing artwork with your child! This is my third year here at Dunbar CPA and I have some very exciting lessons and opportunities for your students to learn and grow.

Below I have provided my contact information and class schedule with my conference time.

Contact information:


  • 8:20-9:08 - 1st Period (8th Grade Art)
  • 9:11-9:56 - 2nd Period (8th Grade Art)
  • 10:00-10:45 - 3rd Period (6th Grade Art)
  • 10:48-11:03 - 4th Period (6th Grade Art)
      • 11:03-11:33 - "A" Lunch Duty
  • 11:33-12:03 - 4th Period (6th Grade Art)
    • 12:03-1:40 - 5th/6th Period (Conference)
  • 1:43-2:28- 7th Period (7th Grade Art)
  • 2:31-3:14- 8th Period (7th Grade Art)
  • 3:18-4:00- 9th Period


Andrew Hernandez