Lawrence Township Public Schools

Lawrence Intermediate School

Enrichment & Gifted Program Grades 4-6

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Welcome to the Lawrence Intermediate School's Enrichment/Gifted and Talented website! This website is meant to provide valuable information regarding the needs of your child, as well as providing answers to any questions that you may have about Gifted and Talented Education.

  • Lawrence Township Public Schools believes that every child possesses special gifts and talents, and it is our mission to provide our students with a variety of learning experiences that cultivate their gifts and talents. These unique learning experiences can vary in nature and are delivered using multiple instructional strategies including differentiated instruction, cluster grouping, enrichment programs, curriculum compacting, accelerated learning, independent study and honors/AP courses.
  • General education teachers and G&T teachers will work collaboratively to enhance the existing curriculum, provide additional explorations and offer opportunities for enrichment to students in grades K-8. With each increasing grade level cluster, additional services and options are added.