Welcome back! I am excited to be teaching Algebra 1 Advanced, Algebra II & Trig, Pre Calculus, and Alternative School this year, as well as coaching Math League!

Check the page for your class for the calendar and important information.

Please don't hesitate to come see me after school if you are struggling with any concepts in class. Make sure you check with me first to see that I am available. I am also in Homework Center in the Library on Thursdays from 3-4, so that's a great time to see me!!

If you need to get in touch with me, email is the best method. Email jmcsheene@ltps.info with any questions or concerns.

If you need to find me throughout the day, here is where I'll be:

Period 1 - Algebra 1 Advanced, Room 224

Period 2 - Planning, Math Office (Room 203)

Period 3 - Algebra 2 and Trig, Room 234

Period 4 - Algebra 2 and Trig, Room 234

Period 5 - Pre Calculus, Room 234

Period 6 - Alternative School, Room 306

Period 7 - Pre Calculus, Room 234

Period 8 - Hall Duty, 200 Elevators

(except D days)