Mrs. Franke

Language Arts

August 2018

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to 6th Grade! I hope you had a terrific break!! I had a fantastic summer reading some great books and spending time with my family. I enjoyed the beach, running, traveling, and taking long walks with my puppy. I can’t wait to share some of these memories with you!

I am very excited to meet you and start an awesome 6th grade school year! There are so many exciting things to do and learn this year. We will be diving deeper into reading, and writing, and engaging in group and individual projects.

Make sure you and your parents complete the Student Device Agreement on the district website so that you can receive your netbook on September 5th at LIS! Also, don't forget to finish your summer reading book by the first day of school! You will need it to complete your first Language Arts assignment.

Please plan to work together with your teachers and classmates to make this year a very successful one. Remember to bring an open mind and a positive attitude with you to class on the first day and every day! Get ready for a fantastic year in Sixth grade!

Your Teacher,

Mrs. Franke