This webpage is a quick glance into my classrooms. Below you'll find some useful information about me. If you would like some more specific information about Honors Geometry, Geometry or Pre-Calculus, please check out their individual pages. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you! Here's to another FANTASTIC school year!!

Need to contact me? Here's how:

Email #1: rburdick@ltps.org

Email #2: rburdick@ltps.info

Phone: (609) 671-5510 ext. 6062

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ms_burdick

Need some extra help????

  • Come see Ms. Recentio or I after school in Destinations! Tuesdays from 3-5 and Wednesdays/Thursdays 3-4. ROOM 120
  • Set up a time to see me before school or during lunch. Or if you have a study hall!
  • Go to Homework Center and talk to Mrs. McSheene or Mr. Meehl. Library 3-4!
  • Use your resources! Google, Khan Academy, Wolfram, YouTube, etc.

Where is Ms. Burdick??