Seth Marineau

Seth Marineau

Stowe High School

Grade 9 - 12

World Language


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This year I will be teaching four separate levels of French at the high school: French II, III, IV and V.

In each of these courses, instruction and assessment focus on developing student ability in each of the communication modalities (speaking, writing, listening and reading) as well as building cultural knowledge and understanding of the francophone world.

The overarching goal for each level is to be able to communicate in increasingly more sophisticated ways across a greater breadth of situations in French. We pursue this goal mainly through a communicative language approach that emphasizes meaning-making and engagement while also recognizing the role of vocabulary acquisition and grammar application.

Specific course content, objectives, assignments and other vital information reside in each course's Schoology page.

Contacting Monsieur Marineau:

  • Email is the quickest way to get in touch with me with questions or clarifications
  • I also am happy to setup phone conversations or meetings with students and parents. Please email or call to arrange a time.
  • My phone extension is 1386.

Homework Calendar, Assignments and Scores

The homework calendar, class assignments and assignment scores and feedback are posted in Schoology for all classes. Parents and guardians can view these items by creating a parent account. Instructions on creating a parent account can be found HERE.

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