John Kennedy

John Kennedy

Stowe High School

Grade 9 - 12



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English 9; Humanities: Irish Lit.&History; Murder, Madness, Mayhem!; Green Lit.; Public Speaking; Contemporary Lit.; AP Lit.

Welcome to Mr. Kennedy's website. The best way to reach me when we are not in school is by email: Whenever possible though I encourage all students to talk to me face to face in school. My opinion is that there is still something uniquely valuable about plain old facetime. The courses I teach vary from year to year, but they are all listed in the window above. All materials are reachable through Schoology or in class. If you do not see something in Schoology please contact me right away.

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The homework calendar, class assignments and assignment scores and feedback are posted in Schoology for all classes. Parents and guardians can view these items by creating a parent account. Instructions on creating a parent account can be found HERE.

Important Class Information

Dear Students and Parents:

If you have not had me as an English teacher before, I would like to share my priorities in the classroom with you. The specific proficiencies that are targeted class by class may vary - content varies significantly - but overall, clear, effective expression (written and verbal) and close, sensitive reading are the lion's share of what we devote our time and energy to in all classes. I tend to emphasize seriousness, original thinking, and eloquent expression over game playing and regurgitation. We read, discuss, and write all the time in my classroom. Finally I expect all students to try hard and respect their peers as they authentically engage the work at hand. In turn, I promise to try hard and respect you.

I look forward to working with you.

All the best,

John Patrick Kennedy