Joe Yalicki

Joe Yalicki

Stowe High School

Grade 9 - 12



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SHS Program of Studies

Class Description, Content and Proficiencies

High School PE/Health

Students will participate in a variety of environments ranging from the gymnasium, to the workout room, and various areas of the outside campus as they meet PE proficiencies. Students will have clear daily expectations in terms of readiness, participation, and interactions with others which will be important throughout the school year.

Each quarter will have a different theme which allows students to meet all elements of mastery in PE.

Homework Calendar, Assignments and Scores

The homework calendar, class assignments and assignment scores and feedback are posted in Schoology for all classes. Parents and guardians can view these items by creating a parent account. Instructions on creating a parent account can be found HERE.

Important Class Information

Note to parents: The best way to contact me is via email:

Class expectations: Wear PE clothing: clean, tied, and non-marking shoes along with athletic clothing is a must. The locker room is available for changing into clean clothes after class time is over.

Students can enter the gym during class time. Otherwise, they need permission from Mr. Yalicki to use the gym and any equipment.

Lacrosse balls must stay out of the gym.

Food and non-clear liquid must stay out of the gym.