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Welcome to third grade!

Third grade is AWESOME! We are excited to share our learning with you. In literacy, students will have the opportunity to grow as readers in a reader's workshop format where they will explore fiction, mystery, nonfiction, and biographies. Throughout the writer's workshop, students will have multiple opportunities to employ the writing process in each genre (narrative, persuasive and informational). In math, students will expand upon their addition and subtraction strategies and develop multiplicative reasoning and problem solving skills. Students will use the inquiry process throughout three science units: Weather and Water, Variation and Adaptation, and Motion and Engineering. Students will develop their cooperative learning skills during our global citizenship units which include studies of Native American cultures, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and MiniREAL business development. Over the course of the entire year, we will integrate perseverance, mindset, social skills and learning strategies to grow not only as learners, but as members of our greater community. It's an eventful and memorable year.

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