The Road to Proficiency:

Why, What, and How

The Road to Proficiency-based Learning:

At the LSSU, teachers and administrators work collaboratively to provide our students with the highest level of education from Pre-K-12, keeping student-centered learning at our core. As we continue the important work of moving toward Proficiency-based Learning, we are focused on implementing these changes in ways that align with the mission of our schools, support our academic goals, and ensure our students succeed in this rapidly changing, interconnected world.

Hear from Jeff Maher, Principal of Stowe High School and

Phil Grant, Principal of Peoples Academy.

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What the Change Means for Our Students:

Students will benefit from dynamic instruction, actionable feedback, and flexible pathways to demonstrate proficiencies that focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Teachers and students will have a broader set of tools to build learning experiences that are rigorous, relevant and personalized. Consistent proficiency assessments will measure content mastery and critical thinking skills which allows us to tailor next steps and goals to students needs and strengths. Student engagement is improved by providing the flexibility to personalize learning.

Video - What's the deal with Proficiency based education?

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