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Cristiana Franklin (Spanish)

Peoples Academy Middle Level

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Class Description

Bienvenidos (Welcome)!!!! My name is Cristiana Franklin (Formerly Cristiana Martinez) and I am the Spanish teacher at PAML! In the middle level we have 2 different types of Spanish classes: expo spanish, which every student takes for about 7 weeks as part of their exploratory rotation (PE, art, tech, etc...) and Spanish 1 which is a high school level class that students have the opportunity to take in 8th grade. The focus of the expo Spanish class is to expose the students to the language and culture of different Spanish cultures and to hopefully spark an interest in the topic while also teaching basic communication skills. In Spanish 1 we dive deeper into the language and culture because we have all year. The goal of the class is for students to be able to communicate in speaking and writing as well as have comprehension in listening and reading. By the end of the class the students should be prepared to go right into Spanish 2 when they begin high school! I am so looking forward to this year-- if you have any questions please email me at

Important Class Information

Expo and Spanish 1

Please note that all the assignments and projects will be posted on Schoology and not updated on this website (see below).

Spanish 1

Please remember that this is a high school level class, and therefore have very high expectations for your work, but do not worry(!!) we will be working together all year and I will continuously provide you with supports so that you are able to do even the most challenging of assignments. Remember learning is a group activity and I am here with you in this group ready to learn alongside you.

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