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Averill McDowell

Averill McDowell

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Grade 9 - 12



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PA Program of Studies

Class Description, Content and Proficiencies

Course Description. Students will experiment with techniques from three different areas of art portfolios...

2-D Design: Students will experiment with concept, composition and excellence in their 2-D Design while demonstrating the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.

Drawing: Students will experiment with a broad interpretation of drawing issues and media. These include but are not limited to, line quality, light and shade, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, the illusion of depth and mark making.

3-D Design: This portfolio addresses sculptural issues. Students will experiment with the design principles as they relate to the integration of depth and space, volume and surface.

Students will also participate in class critiques with their own artwork as well as their peers.

Students will CREATE, PRESENT, RESPOND, and CONNECT through their own artwork as well as others art.

Homework Calendar, Assignments and Scores

Students will be able to revise, redo and resubmit any project. There will be no late grades. As long as a project is submitted a week before the end of the semester the project will be accepted and assessed without penalty.

Student projects will be assessed at the culmination of a unit. This will be imputed into Schoology. You invited to check the mastery view on Schoology in order to follow the student’s progress. If there are concerns about a proficiency please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail :

Important Class Information