The Land of Lost Stories

Distracted by technology and pop culture, children today are beginning to forget the most timeless story characters. When the stories of these classic characters are no longer told, they are discarded to the "Land of Lost Stories." For the first time, these beloved characters meet and interact with each other, and some bottle while others bond.

There is hope for returning to the "hearts and minds" of children, as long as the characters can overcome their weaknesses, face their fears, and help each other. But now, the island's evil captors threaten to drag all the beloved characters to the island's hills, where they will be forgotten entirely.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Mother Goose: Alexus Campbell

Aspen: Chevy Rice

Bree: Caitlyn Jenkins

Teen Aspen: Ashby Murray

Teen Bree: Ava Riggleman

Tinkerbell: Avery Carter

Jack: Claire Stanton

Red: Avery Dayhoff

Dorothy: Brynn Anderson

Glinda: Taryn Thuis

Humpty: Dagon Barton

Flat Stanley: Jericho Brock

Fozzie Bear: John Garcia

Harold: Tharon Campbell

Waldorf: Kati Harden

Statler: Savannah Hudson

Phinocchio: Avery Rennick

Princess Andapee: Millie Lynn

Prince Charming: Brady Bedwell

Goldilocks: Natalie Brinson

Mermaid: Karisa Keller

Little Bo Peep: Adriann St. John

Peter Pan: Elizabeth Stahl

Ensemble: Jovie Wilson, Trenity Barton, Jurnee Bailey, KC Corbin, Abriel Eslinger